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The Great Garnish Debate

The Great Garnish debate has been quietly raging (or not so quietly depending on how much Gin is consumed) for quite a few years now…


Most people are divided into two camps – the Lemons, and the Limes, and whilst these two classics have undoubtedly got people in quite a twist, the garnishes now available is an endless list. Creating the perfect Gin and Tonic is no longer a dash and a squeeze, and is far more complicated than it sounds…


Let’s start with a classic, the mighty Lemon, or more commonly known as ‘ice and a slice’.  Many favour the Lemon as it classically brings out the fresh citrus flavours in most Gins. It’s a classic, and is favoured by many brands that would be offended if you put anything else with their Gin.


One citrus fruit to another doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it? Well in terms of a G&T, the leap from Lemon to Lime is actually quite a big one! The Lime is pretty much served as a standard  these days and is more often than not a safe bet and one you would expect to see in a Bombay, Beefeater or a Sipsmith.


Gin connoisseurs have become more daring recently and ventured onto other citrus fruits, such as, Grapefruit and Orange – the Orange particularly compliments the oriental botanicals of Beefeater 24. Not one to be shy, we too like to experiment with our serves and all our Grand Gins are served with a handful of juniper and their corresponding garnish. Why not try our new Gin Mare for example, served with a sprig of Rosemary? Unusual we know, but a flavour match made in heaven, we’re sure you won’t regret it!


It doesn’t get more iconic than the Hendrick’s cucumber serve. Much more than just a clever marketing ploy, the Cucumber really does bring out the botanical flavours of the Gin.


As you can see, from here the debate only becomes more diverse and adventurous. Thankfully we have the will to try giving them all a go, and give them a go we will.


Can’t make your mind up? No need, come to our pop-up party on the 1st of May and help us settle the Great Garnish Debate.



Written by felicitynewsome

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